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Welcome to Roy Overload daily business.Second Finance News, I'm Scott de Clary- this is what's making news today.Youtube is testing video downloads on desk top browsers. Google will let youcheck up on advertisers campaign history. Oio Hotels will file for a onepoint: Two Billion Dollar IPO next week and L G acquires automotive cybersecurity firm Sibella. Let's jump right into this, so first story coming fromSocial Youtube, is finally testing away to download videos on a desk topbrowser to watch offline features available to youtube premium memberswho can test what the platform is working on right now, the users able totest the feature and is using a supported browser to an uptodateversion of chrome, opera or edge. Then they should be able to see a downloadvideo button will watching content on Youtube when you click this button, auser can down on the video and add it to the quote: Unquote Downloads Menu.However, this will not export the content out of Youtube. There are stillsome third party apps that do this, so it's still stuck in the YouTube BICOsystem. It is also important to note...

...that the Youtube site will require,obviously in a connect connection to access, even if it's downloaded foroffline viewing. So it's not clear whether the downloaded content can beviewed without an Internet connection, yet they're still testing this out. Sotest is available till October nineteen and those who want to test a featurecan do so through youtubes experimental page. You go to YouTube com S. newGoogle is going to start letting you check up on advertisers campaignhistory. So the search engine giants about this Ad Menu will show basicinformation about the advertisers. This will also show any other ads, they'verun in the past thirty days. Facebook does something similar as well. Withthis feature, the search engine giant aims to help users better judge.Whether a given admire is trustworthy. The company is doing this followingcriticism about scams on the platform, master group had said that the more addisclosures it can come up with the better for obviously consumers. It wasgoing to start verifying the identities and locations of all advertisers. Thisis obviously another step. Additionally,...

...it said that it began verifyingadvertisers in ninety countries. However, the disclosure option islaunching only in the United States in the next few months. Then it will beincreased to more locations in two thousand and twenty two. However, it isfound that the information provided by the advertiser is very basic, so it'snot super robust. It provides the name of who place the advertisement, thecountry, location and estimated number of ads the running and the list of that.So you could actually use it for competitive research as well to seewhat passed at they've tried out. The feature also allows you to seeinformation about advertising campaigns on both search and youtube platform andstart up news. Oio Hotels is going to fight like a start up, they're, not sosmall, but they're going to file for one point: Two Billion Dollar IPO nextweek. So the soft bank group back to Indian hospitality start up. Oil isexpected to file for an IPO next week and raise one billion dollars to startof planning to file the draft red, hairing, Pectus or D H, R P, which isthe primary registration document prepared by merchant bankers forperspective IPOs with the Securities...

...and Exchange board of India, the Indianmarket regulator. The Budget Hotel aggregator is aiming to list in Momeby,adding that the initial share sale will comprise a fresh issue of shares and anoffer for sale from existing shareholders. Oil, hotels and rooms inwhich soft bank owns a major stake of forty. Six per cent has suffered monthsof layoffs, cost cuts and losses, of course, because of coved rites.Aggrawal the founder and chief executive officer of oil has set inJuly that the business will likely return to levels witness before thesecond wave of Covin nineteen factors in India and they're going to grow fromthere. Like other hospitality companies, oil which operates in more than thirtycountries, was hit hard by Ovid nineteen and the pandemic, but it isrecovering quickly now and lastly, L G is making an acquisition they'reacquiring the automotive cyber security firm Sebela, so the South Korean techgiant L G Electronics announced it has acquired Israel base. Liber securitystarted up to Bellum for two hundred...

...and forty million dollars. LG Acquiredfifty three point: Nine percent of the shares in savel and plans to buyadditional shares with in two thousand and twenty one. Additionally, Algy hasalso signed a contract worth twenty million, with the start up for futureequity. That will see the funds be converted to more shares. From the endof two thousand and twenty two to the first half two thousand and twentythree, the current management team of Tebelen will run the companyindependently and work with its existing automobile component partners.Algi feels that the importance of security in the automotive industry hasbecome more important as more vehicles are connected to networks, because ofthis cybersecurity is become a a crucial barometer for the quality ofthe vehicles. Life Cycle, along with design development and drivingcapabilities by using some vellum solutions, Alg will look to enhance itssecurity systems on its automotive offerings in the areas of infotag andtelematics to become a reliable partner for automobile manufacturers and inother stories from around the Internet, twitter says it will fix disappearingqueets. So twitter has announced that it is planning to make changes toprevent tweets from disappearing from timelines. While you are reading them,company said that the update will be roll it over the next two months tostop this error and the crypto platform.

Cobo raises forty million dollars thesingle simple pore based CRYPTO custode asset management platform, Coboannounced it is completed. A forty million dollar Serie Series B.Fundraising around with this will help it accelerate the roll out of itsdecentralized to finance as a service or DAS product, and the funding roundwas led by DST global at nt capital and the crypto platform. Cobo raises fortymillion dollars, so cobo is a Singapore based CRYPTO custody, an assetmanagement platform. They completed a forty million dollar series be fundraising around which will help it to accelerate the roll out of itsdecentralized finances of service or DAS product. The funding around was ledby DST global ant capital and I mo ventures anyways, that's it for today,if you've found value in this share this with one other person for dailybusiness, teck and Finance.

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