馃敀 WhatsApp Rolls Out End-To-End Encrypted Chat Backups Globally


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Welcome to ROA overload daily businessteck and Finance News, I'm Scott Clary. This is what's happening today. What'sup rolls out and and encrypted chat backups globally, Microsoft is going toshut down linkedin and China, and space perspective raises forty milliondollars in its latest round and, lastly, the Mexican president rules outadopting any CRYPTO as legal tender. Let's jump right into it, so firststory to day in social facebook is announced, the roll of end and in CryptChap back ups to what's at for IOS and android users globally. This newfeature will add an optional extra layer of protection for their eye cloudto their eye cloud and Google drive accounts. If users want it well and andencrypted messages, you send and receive our stored on your device. Manypeople also want a way to back up their chats in case they lose their phone.This is an official post from facebook. You can now secure your end to end andcrypted back up with either a password of your choice or a sixty four digit inCryptia key that only you know. Neither...

...what at nor your back up serviceprovider will be able to read your backups or access the key required tounlock at the companies added for creating an end to end encrypted backup.Users have to first ensure that they are on the latest version of the APP tocreate the backup. You have to go to settings tap, chats, chat, backups andand encrypt the backup, and then you have to follow the prompts to great onebig news out of China microscope shutting down Lindon in China. SoMicrosoft is announced it. It would close down its linked in operationwithin the Chinese market by the end of the year announcing the news, a companycited a significantly more challenging operating environment in greatercompliance requirements in China. Microsoft is among the latest. US tape.Giants have reduced its ties in China. After years of trying to customizeservices to the demands of government regulations, the company has said thatit overplayed its local platform in China, with a new APP called in jobs, astandalone job applications platform for China that will help Chinese basedprofessionals, fine jobs in China. The platform will also help Chinesecompanies fine quality candidate.

However, this platform will not includea social feed or the ability to share post or articles Lington hies. Aroundfifty million users in China, which is a relatively small portion of thecountry's billion Internet users, and its exit from the country is unlikelyto have a large impact on any Chinese Internet users. Hopefully, there arealternative options that are great for this kind of work, jobs, finding jobs,recruiting. Let's see what in jobs actually provides as as a solution oran alternative to the full linked in experience and start up news spaceperspective raises forty million dollars in its latest funding roundspace perspective is a US based human space. BALLOON START UP. They've raisedforty million in its series. A the funding round was led by prime moverslab and also include a participation from new investors, light shed ventures,MC Space Fund and the explorer one fund. Kara Naga partners base ventures.Fifteen seventeen fund, among others, notably author and motivational SpeakerTony Robins, also participated in the...

...funding round, found in two thousandand nineteen by pointer and Taber maccallum space perspective offers adifferent kind of experience. Instead of sending customers a space on arocket which may not seem appealing to all customers, the company plans tooffer rides to the stratosphere using a capsule attached to a large balloon.The start. UPS customers won't experience weightlessness. However,they will get to see the earth against the blackness of space. Additionally,the customers will also enjoy a leisurely luxuries, prolonged ride thatwill last for about six hours from lift off to splashdown space perspectivewill use the new funds to support its current business timeline to reachhuman commercial flight by two thousand and twenty four and fulfill theregulatory requirements from the Federal Aviation Administration or theFAA. And lastly, in Crypto News. The president of Mexico has said that thecountry will not follow the footsteps of El Salvador by adoptingcryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as legal tender outside of FIA at a pressconference on October Fourteenth...

President Oberto, also known, as am Lo,said, that Mexico must maintain orthodoxy in its financial managementand will not modify its stand on crypto earlier. In June this year, the Bank ofMexico and the National Banking and Securities Commission had issued astatement. Cautioning the financial institutions in the country were notallowed to carry out an offer virtual asset transactions to the public.However, the president has not frequently spoken directly on thesubject. The president was replying to a reporter who asked if Mexico isconsidering following the footsteps of El Salvador, where Bitcoin has beenaccepted as legal tender since September am low added that, whilethere have been several innovations in the financial space, Mexico should alsobe watchful of issues related to tax evasion and in other news from aroundthe Internet. Google makes it easier to doom scroll through search results, sothe tech giant, Google is trying to make it easier for you to doom scrollthrough search results by automatically loading. The latest results, as you getto the bottom of the page. Earlier,...

...when you got to the end of the Googlesearch results page, there was a s more button that you could have to see morecirces ult. However, now with continuously loaded results, you willbe able to keep on scrolling to see more search results. Reliable roboticsraised a hundred million dollars in funding, so reliable robotics, a leaderin automated aircraft systems, is raised a hundred million dollars in itsseries C funding round led by co to management. The finding will help thecompany to scale its team to support its first aircraft certificationprogram and accelerate the launch of commercial cargo operations. anyways,that's different to day hope you enjoyed. If you found values share thiswith one other person daily business, tack and Finance News, you can gosubscribe, a newsletter dot Roi Overload of a great day I'll, see ittomorrow.

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