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Welcome to Roi Overload Daily BusinessTech and Finance News, I'm Scott de Clary. This is what's making news today.Facebook, what's happened, instagram go down again, a bass start up. ProductFight Raises Sixteen million dollars, apple files and appeal in the EPICGames. Lawsuit and Street Lanka set up a committee to implement crypto mining.Let's jump right into it. So, just a few days after facebook experienced oneof the largest and longest outages in history, social media giant againexperienced down time. But this time it was a much shorter period on Septemberage, facebook and its APS, including Instagram, face with messenger andwhat's APP experienced issues again. Company posted on twitter funny enoughwe're aware that some people are having problems accessing our APPS andproducts were we're going to get things back to normal as quickly as possible,and we apologize for any inconvenience. It doesn't seem like the downtimelasted long as the service were backed up and running for some users in lessthan thirty minutes after facebook posted about it. But after theseserious lapse last week the repeated...

...outage may spar concerns about thereliability and safety of the APP repeated outages are more concerningfor small business owners who use facebook tools to communicate tocustomers or international users who use what's APP is their primary textingAPP the start up product fit raises sixteen million dollars so product fies,a banking as a service start up that aims to build quote unquote defy fortraditional finance has raised sixteen million dollars in a series. A fundinground. The funding round was led by C M ventures and included participationfrom existing investors point seventy two ventures: five hundred startups andthe Vesnez yodle found it in two thousand and eighteen until come valuedby Du Vo Product, five specializes in embedded financial products for Fintechor brand innovators. The start of has a roster of partners, including the cardissuing platform, Marquette card fulfilment, firm, Eroi, master cart andmany others to help foster the advancement of the embedded financeecosystem for developers and innovators.

Product wants to be the shop efy ofembedded finance. The start of claims that, with its platform, developers,can configure in hours into great in days and go from idea to full stockdeployment in as little as three weeks with this fresh round of funding, thecompany plans to expand its services and compliance as a servicecapabilities and also improves its core data and cart issuance offerings, witha focus on releasing its first batch of clients and developing new integrationsand collaborations in the epic games versus Apple Saga. It's still goingapple just filed an appeal, so they chosen to file an appeal to the rulinggiven out by judge Ivon Gonzales Rogers, any epic games versus Apple LawsuitBack in September and filed a notice of appeal with the United States is orcourt for the northern district of California. On October, eighth, a deckgiant is planning to appeal the ruling that would require it change Apsopelixto let developers at in APP links to outside websites which would pave theway for alternate payment. My options do not require developers to use in atpurchase ystems. Of course, that's a...

...huge amount of revenue for Apple.Although the appeal is on going apple has requested the court for a stay onthe permanent injection that requires it to infamante. These changes byDecember apple says it. Making changes to the APSARAS could disturb thecareful balance between developers and customers provided by the APP store andmay result in irreparable in irreparable loss to the company and thecustomers. The permanent injunction is presently scheduled to go into effectDecember ninth, but the court rules the appeal in apple's favor. It will nothave to make those changes by that date and in Crypto Nestre Lanka is settingup a committee to implement Crypton and blockchain so on. A significantdevelopment. Ry Link has joined the list of very few countries to explorethe applications of blocking by implementing an official committee toimplement various Blochin cryptal mining technologies. On October EighthMohan Samara Na Yeti, the director general of government information offreelance shared a letter that shows that the authorities have accepted arecent proposal aiming to attract...

...investments in the block chain andcryptocurrency space through various initiatives around the country.According to Mohan, the Street Lancet authorities have realized necessity todevelop an integrated system of digital banking, blockchain and cryptocurrencyminding technology as a method to stay on par with international partners inthe region to expand trade to the international markets. This committeewill be mandated to study the regulations and innovations andinitiatives of other countries, such as do by Malaysia, Philippines, theEuropean Union in Singapore, and propose a suitable framework for threelength he added. Additionally, the committee will study the laws andregulations of other countries that include Andi money laundering, criminalactivities, terrorism, financing, as well as K, Y C processes and otherthings that are happening around the Internet. facebook bands unfolloweverything developer, so facebook is permanently band a developer, who madea tool that allowed people to automatically unfollow friends andgroups. Louis Berkeley was the creator of quote unquote, unfollow everythingwhich is a browser extension that...

...allowed facebook users to essentiallydelete their news feed by UN following all their connections. At once andanother start up story. ISO plexis looks to raise a hundred twenty fivemillion dollars in an IPO, so the shares of is a lexus accompany creatingtools to zoom in on the flurry of protein activity surrounding a singlecell debute trading. On October eighth, the company is aiming to raise ahundred and twenty five million from public markets which accompany plans touse for building the commercial team and advance its plans to play a biggerpart in the creation of precision medicine. That's it for today hope youenjoyed. If you found value in this share it with one other person, theycan go subscribe for daily business, Tech and finance news at newsletter. oRoi Overload have a great day I'll see you tomorrow.

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