🛑 Elon Musk Cites ‘Last Minute Concerns’ in Delayed Tesla Software Launch


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Welcome to Roi Overload Daily BusinessTech and Finance News, I'm Scott de Clary. This is what's making news today.You on mosque sites and last minute concerns in delaying the full selfdriving software update service. Intelligent platform acquaint raisesseventy million dollars. PETCO ACQUIRES SIMPLE MD M to expand, support to appledevices and facebook loses over a hundred million dollars through twooutages in the last week. Let's jump right into it, so, first out of Tesla aplanned roll out of castle's full self driving S F D Bet a ten point. Twosoftware version to roughly one thousand tessel owners with a perfectsafety score was delayed. The CEO Mister Elon Moss himself, tweeted quotea few last minute concerns about this build released likely on Sunday orMonday. Sorry for the delay. The news comes after test. The began, Batatasing the softer version, and just days after musk announced fst will be rolledout to one thousand drivers with perfect safety scores of one hundred asdetermined by the company on October.

Ninth Company will gradually releasethe software drivers with scores of ninety nine and then after below withlower scores. Contrary to its name, the software actually does not allow Teslacars to drive themselves. It offers assistance on highways and city streets,but still requires drivers supervision at all times. Musk didn't providedetail information on what last minute concerns had caused a delay. However,he said that software would likely to be released on Sunday or Monday andstart up news. The service intelligent platform acquaint raises seventymillion dollars, so the US based Service Intelligence Platform Acquaintjust finished her serious sea, with seventy million in the bank fundinground was colled by cumrae capital inside partners and Pitagora th. Thefunding round also saw participation from previous investors, includinglights, be adventure, partners, angular ventures along with new investors,Schneider Electric Ventures and Klaw tech founded in two thousand, andsixteen acquaint aims to revolutionize how enterprises use data to generateinsights and share them across teams to improve performance. The start upcurrently served some of the biggest...

...companies in their respectiveindustries, including seamens health and eers Home Depot, and three Dsystems, among others. Acquaint will use the newly injected funds to supportits rapid growth and expand use cases as its strengthens, its positions asthe service intelligence leader in every single market globally.Additionally, to start up will add new engineering and client servicepositions in the US, Europe and Israel to accelerate global expansion. Thefunding will also contribute to the continuous development of acquaint AItechnologies. Another startup story, pdq com, acquires simple mm to expand,support to apple devices, so P D Q Com is a window's, it management companythey announced they had acquired simple mm and apple device management platform.The financial details of the deal have not been disclosed. The transactionmarks the expansion of PD QS windows based software, managing product ant toMac and IOS software management and reinforces PDQ position as one of theindustry's most versatile and valuable solutions for systems. AdministrationPTON provides over nineteen thousand...

...organizations with windows, softwaredevelopment and inventory reporting through their top rated softwaremanagement platforms. PDQ deploy and PDQ INVENTORY PDQ aims to make managingits solutions as convenient as possible, where users can downlook pre builtpackages, target specific machines and deploy them. According to theirschedules, simple M D M allows assistive administrators to manageapple devices and applications with a single intuitive, powerful cloudinterface. The platform is utilized by business of all sizes from started upto multinational global corporations, with the acquisition of simple mb pdqcom will expand its ability to support both windows and apple based devices,while adding roughly three thousand customers to its community and laststory. This has been all over the news. FACEBOOK is gone out twice, but howmuch money do they lose? It is estimated that facebook has lost onehundred million dollars over the two outages in a week of days aftersuffering, one of the longest outages...

...in its history. FACEBOOK also suffereda second outage on October eighth, raising concerns that the company hadbeen happed. The social media giants. Other APS include instagram and what'sup also went down for about two hours on the eighth, but services wererestored quickly and a tweet announcing the APPS had returned. FACEBOOK didn'toffer any specifics about why they went down whoever on Monday, when thecompany facing out, as he said, that the routine test of its routers andfiber optic network went bad and instead shut off access to some offacebooks data, centers their life of ability to connect remotely to thosecenters force the company's engineers to head there in person prolonging theproblem over all the company's APPs faced outages for nearly nine hoursthis week, when measured by the company's last quarterly earnings itmakes about thirteen million an hour, meaning that two outages must haveprobably cost more than one hundred million dollars in lost revenue and inother news from around the Internet. The travel start up. Air Heart RaisesTwo hundred and fifty thousand dollars, so Air Hart is a travel start up basedin Austin I raised two hundred and fifty sand dollars in a precede fundingto expand its collaborative travel...

...platform. The funding include aparticipation from an undisclosed angel investor and successful entrepreneurs,and the company plans to open its larger seed round almost immediatelyand also sixty. Eight percent of Americans use the same password acrossaccounts, so security dot org released a new report during cybersecurityAwareness Week. The report states in sixty eight percent of Americans usethe same password across accounts, which is a worrying scenario, to saythe least, disclosing further insight security dot or also found that morethan one and three Americans. So thirty, seven percent ish also share passwordswith others and increase to twenty five per cent from last year, everybody'sonline, all the time, my goodness anyways, that's it for today. I hopeyou enjoyed. If you found value share this with one other person they can gosubscribe for daily Business Neck and Finance News and newsletter dot. RoyOverload have a great day I'll see it tomorrow.

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